Differences between traditional and electronic cigarettes

Elektroninės cigaretėsThe difference between an electronic cigarette and a traditional one is pretty huge – first of all, it has been said that the electronic cigarette doesn’t have the same chemicals in its smoke that can cause cancer to frequent users. So, basically, it could be safe to say that electronic cigarette is healthier. Of course, we cannot say that is totally safe and healthy, but it is pretty obvious that the electronic cigarette is healthier and can be even a cure to treat the addiction from traditional cigarettes.

What else does the electronic cigarette have, that the traditional ones don’t? Well, first of all, it might be a lot cheaper to use electronic cigarettes. That’s because you do not have to buy a new package each day – a pack of cigarettes costs at least a few Euros, while buying an electronic cigarette kit might cost a little bit more, but you should have in mind that you won’t need to buy a new kit each day. To add, electronic cigarettes have a lot of different flavors, so the people that like to experiment with their smoke will have the ability to choose something really great for them.

And if you still wonder where to try those cigarettes, you can check up the net – there are several high quality online websites, which will offer you a lot of different cigarettes for a pretty low price. You will have the ability to order the electronic cigarettes and it will be sent directly to your home – additionally, you can buy electronic filters, flavors, also you will be able to buy USB chargers – everything for your own convenience and a great smoking experience that will help you say “No” to the traditional cigarettes.

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