Flowers create a mood for any celebration

Flowers in LithuaniaFlowers are used in all feasts. Especially often flowers are not only the gift or the part of the gift, but become the decoration of the place of festival and have the symbolical meaning.

A beautiful bouquet of the fresh flowers decorate a birthday table, and the photo wall which is daily becoming more and more popular is made of the flowers which tend to stay fresh a longer period of the time. Especially these photo walls are often used during the summer festivals – weddings, christenings, graduation of the school or the university.

Lithuania is a great country for floral decorations – there are the thousands types of the flowers in Lithuania. For example, the peony is particularly popular at weddings, the peony is used to wedding bouquets for the bride and decorations to produce.

The flowers are particularly importance even in unpleasant occasions, for instance, the funeral. Funeral flowers symbolize a new afterlife. From this it comes the tradition of the funeral to carry an even number of the flowers. Funeral flowers are white, this color symbolizes the purity, divinity and holiness. The most common funeral flowers are chrysanthemums, lilies, callas and roses.

Therefore, whether the occasion is funny, such as weddings, or sad, such as funerals – flowers are one of the main highlights of any occasion. The flowers are the best gift and the most beautiful decoration, so rejoice themselves with flowers and make the other people happy.

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